Learn to reconstruct the table Blackjack

 It is essential to have a perfect mnemonic knowledge both of the tables and of the basic strategy .

With this article we will go one step further and show you a series of practical tips to help you memorize the contents of previous lessons in detail.

Why is it important to memorize the Blackjack Card Counting Basic Strategy Chart?

Mastering the basic strategy for counting cards in Blackjack with care is useless, where it cannot be applied with the proper speed.

Speed ​​and naturalness of decisions are two essential requisites to implement all the strategies for Blackjack, as the game action is very fast and leaves no room for indecision.

Furthermore, being cumbersome and expanding the time of action is one of the clear indicators of counting, which, although not an illegal technique, is undoubtedly a system that is frowned upon by the casinos that manage the Blackjack tables.

Blackjack Cards (flashcards): a precious help for memory

To help you memorize the basic strategy for counting in Blackjack, we have decided to show you one of the best known techniques, used by all aspiring professionals: Flashcards ; creating these useful allies is really very simple.

In fact, just take some cardboard cutouts and fill them on both sides with all the game actions that we have illustrated in the basic strategy.

  1. 11 = Double from 2 to 10, otherwise bet.

On one side you will then bring back the initial hand and on the other the action that corresponds to it in the basic strategy.


From the beginning we have warned you that the game of Blackjack is skill oriented and skill allows you to reduce the house edge.

Then begin to refine your knowledge with a daily study of the basic strategy, thanks to the use of cards / flashcards.

The advice is to dedicate at least two hours a day to this mnemonic exercise, which is essential if you want to become skilled and therefore winning Blackjack players.